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Drunken Driving Charge in Staten Island, New York

Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York City separated from New York City by the New York Bay. Staten Island is the least populated of the five boroughs, with a population of about 487,407. Like all of New York City boroughs the offices of the District Attorneys all have different policies in how they handle criminal cases. You have been arrested on Staten Island on a charge of DWI, DUI.

You were at a party and had a few too many and you took the chance of driving home instead of getting a designated driver or taking a cab or perhaps getting a ride from someone that did not have much to drink. Those were our options but you opted to do it yourself and no you have been arrested. You did not think much could happen because no one was hurt. You have better give that a second thought. DWI and DUI arrests are criminal arrests and could take you out of circulation fo a few years at best. If you have been arrested on Staten Island for a DWI or DUI violation you should get an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to protect your rights and protect your freedom. The criminal defense attorney that you choose should be skilled in defending criminal cases and it should be the attorney’s prime interest and not just a sideline.

After your arrest you will be booked. A booking is where you will have your fingerprints and your photograph taken. While this is being done there is a report being made (called a rap sheet) which will show your criminal history if you have one. Your criminal defense attorney should be able to take you efficiently and aggressively from the booking, through the interview with the Criminal Justice Agency, through negotiations with the prosecutor, the arraignment and the trial, successfully in order to protect your rights and to protect your freedom. If you are shown to have committed the crime you will have a date set for an arraignment after you have been interviewed by a member of the Criminal Justice Agency. This interview if for the purpose of assisting the Judge in making his/her decision. Keep in mind that what you say at the interview may be held against you during the upcoming trial.

You will learn of the charges brought against you during the arraignment, at which time the prosecutor and your attorney will negotiate a plea bargain which you may either accept and plead guilty of reject and go to trial. If you are in jail at the time of the arraignment, the prosecutor can ask the Judge to keep you in jail or set bail. If you do not, a trial date will be set. You have the right to have your own attorney at the arraignment; if you do not have one the Court will appoint one for you.

You can see the importance of having a good criminal defense attorney on your side. Remember, you are not an attorney and all of the proceedings will be foreign to you and confusing. During your confusion you may do or say something that may be harmful to your case and subsequently injure your chances for freedom.

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